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Commercial cleaning is undergoing a sea of change driven by COVID-19 and the customers’ demand for greater social responsibility, eco-friendly products and a commitment to sustainability.

The most successful cleaners are offering exceptional, consistent service and meeting these new green expectations.  
When creating a sustainable green cleaning program, one of the first things to focus on is its goals—in other words, the essence of the strategy. While the strategy will likely address a number of issues, among the most important are:
  • Protecting the health and safety of custodial workers and building users
  • Providing training and ongoing custodial education
  • Committing to an ongoing effort to improve cleaning worker performance and productivity
  • Reducing facility operating costs, not only in cleaning but in all building operations
  • Promoting sustainability, again not only in cleaning, but in all building operations
  • Selecting cleaning products that are not only green, but also produced by manufacturers that consider the entire lifecycle of the product from cradle to grave.

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